• Day to night- What to wear- the perfect professional yet sexy pump


     Do you love it or hate it - work all day and then have to attend a function right after leaving the office? Whether it’s something you are obligated to show up for - for your office, your spouse's or that hot e-harmony date set up!

    Aye yay yay!

    What to wear to transition easily from office to evening? That can be quite the dilemma!

    Ladies, you need to dress the part for all of it from the get go. Check out our collection of "professional" dresses or skirts that will keep you stylish without breaking the bank! Any one of these outfits will help you feel comfortable all day long and ready to impress your hubby’s boss that night. You'll get the attention you deserve and you'll be wearing it well!

    Click here to read more about appropriate attire for the office.

    Why not invest in these Prada  slingback pumps - timeless, stylish and worth every penny!  You'll always Wear it Well in these. Until next time....


    Saffiano Patent Leather Slingback Pumps



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