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    Livvy, Colette and Katie - Three best friends attending the wedding of their sorority sister's son on the patio at the local church. Even though it's a dry wedding, all three wouldn't dream of missing the opportunity to hang out together. No worries, they'll be going to happy hour later! They dressed accordingly.

    Livvy decided to wear this polka dot dress by Boden because it enhances her bust and she wants to let the "boobalicous" stand out.  Even though she doesn't have a large cleavage, she's wearing this very cute necklace that pulls it all together.

    Katie's BCBG floral dress is a winner. She always gets a compliment wearing this dress because the flattering silhouette accentuates her hourglass figure! This print is a hit whether at a garden club event, luncheon or wedding!

    Colette is feeling secure! She knows this dress fits the bill. Flattering all the way around! Slim fitting for her body type. She decided to do it up with pearls. The more the merrier!

    Any one of these dresses will make you feel comfortable and snag you a compliment as well! 

    Fashion advice on wedding attire

    1. Don't wear pantyhose. Put a tanning product on your legs and arms. One of my clients swears by this one. Looks natural and smells nice! Get it on Amazon!

    2. A perfect opportunity to pull out the stops and wear jewelry. Accessories are a key ingredient to pull it all together and a great time to show off your personality. Jewelry does make a dress or outfit! I especially like statement necklaces. Available at Frillseekers


    3. Always wear control panties to smooth out the bulges! I like these because they work well and are not too tight. Spanx put me in a bad mood, are too expensive and if you have to pee you have to allow extra time to pull the panties down! These are from Soma


    4. Don't outshine the bride or bridal family! Yikes! Colette, Livvy and Katie will get major compliments wearing these dresses, but know their place in the crowd.

    Until next week!

    Wear it Well Again with any one of these dresses!

    PS. New products arriving daily. If you live in the local area, message me and I'll get the garments to you. No need to pay shipping!


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