• Happy hour after work with my peeps!


    TGIT! Thank God it's Thursday. The girls have been working hard all week. They decided to catch up with each other and unwind with a little "drinkie" after work before going home to the "next" phase in their day. Damn, it's hot outside!

    Katie works hard and is in front of people all day, everyday! She likes clothes and a lot of them. Today she needed the easy button dress. AGB! Throw it on, accentuate what needs to be accentuated and off she goes for the day. This one is particularly flattering because it gives her an hour-glass figure and emphasizes her upper torso! That's always a good thing! And the print looks good on her!

    Colette has had a very stressful yet successful day giving a presentation for the board of directors. She knew she had to impress! She chose this upscale Charles Nolan dress to stand out amongst the group. Knowing that all the other women would wear a suit, this sophisticated dress set her apart from all her peers. Great print, great fabric, shows class. She does that everytime!

    Livvy had the day off from work and was excited to meet up with her peeps! She knows this Custo dress will grab attention from everyone! So special and timeless.The plunging neckline and tassel detail shows how worldly she is. An attention getter and a personal favorite of hers. Hopefully Colette and Katie won't be jealous, but that's Livvy for you!

    To view more great work dresses, please click on the Wear It Well...Again store. You will be wearing it well with these options!

    PS-  A recent client of mine is raving about this bra from Soma. Keeps the "behind the armpit fat" at bay! Check it out yourself.

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