• Sunday Dress



    Livvy knew Coltette would be wearing black, so she decided to wear this cute colorful floral dress from BCBG. Not only is it a beautiful dress, it hides the menopausal bloat! The flowy silhouette and scoop neckline makes for really comfy attire!

    Katie loves this polka dot Anthropologie dress. It is such the easy button dress. Slip it on with or without jewelry and it always looks great. No muss, no fuss. And on this Sunday morning - she had a big night last night - she needed the easy button! She paired the dress with this cute Kate Spade handbag.

    Colette loves silk and she loves black! She's so elegant and sexy in this Calypso silk dress. This is a dress that gets a lot of use, but that's because it's so easy for Colette to change its look with different jewelry, a scarf, even pulling her hair back! Each time she wears it she changes it up and always gets compliments! That's what's so great about this dress!

    After Sunday's service the girls are headed out to brunch. And with their perfectly chosen dresses, they'll be the three most attractive, well dressed women in their favorite weekend watering hole! After eating their scrumptious egg dishes, drinking a bloody (or two), the girls will then all head back home for a little shnappy (a short nap)! Except for maybe Katie. She's hoping the very attractive guy sitting at the bar will follow up on the eye contact...

    And if you like the jewelry the girls are wearing, it's all available at the Shops at 5807! A beintot!

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