• Rivah shopping!

    Whew! The girls made it through the "group" therapy session unscathed! Issues? What issues! Onward to bigger and better things! Like the "Rivah"!

    Since they discovered in therapy that their relationship with each other really wasn't all that screwed up, they decided that it was time for at least one of them to invest in a small "get the hell out of dodge" river house. So off they went house shopping. Of course, they had to dress the part! Even the country folk were impressed with what they were wearing. The locals want these ladies hanging by the river!

    Livvy wanted to be colorful and cool in this Boden dress. What a great find for $28.00! Perfect for sipping cocktails on the dock!

    Colette also felt cool and comfortable in this Liza Byrd tunic for $24.00. It looked great with her skinny white jeans and serves as the perfect coverup for a mid afternoon dip! That morning she had her dermaplaning done from the amazing Dottie and her beautiful straw hat perfectly shielded her from the sun's rays.

    Katie is so mod! She couldn't pass up the opportunity to look chi-chi in this Anne Cole tunic by the river! Only $36.00. Now she's ready for that crab cake sandwich!

    Please check out other good finds!

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