• Trashed? Maybe. Trashy? Hell no!

    The girls were whooping it up in the city over the Labor Day weekend! Even though they may have felt like garbage on Monday (yes, they went to a big blow-out party Sunday night), they sure didn’t look it! Thank God they are always styling! And no, they didn’t wake up on the sofa behind them with rug burn! These girls are always well behaved! Well, mostly. Check out their pretty party dresses!



    Livvy and Colette couldn’t be any more brilliant in their magenta and blue Shoshannadresses. They both received lots of compliments, especially Colette in her bejeweled blue dress. Katie felt very elegant wearing this black dress by Max and Cleo. Yep, they were the talk of the town (in a good way!) in these designer dresses!

    So get inspired with something from me at Wear it Well Again! These great dresses and tons more are available in my online store. If you live locally, message me and I’ll get it to you free of shipping. If you want to try some things on first before buying, drop me a line and you can stop by my house to try on what you like, or visit my racks at Verve Home Furnishing

    And if you are not on Facebook, instagram or twitter…below is what you missed last week! These beautiful lace dresses are still available! You’ll be wearing it well…again! Check out the Sara Campbell dress!


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