• Decked for Fall weather

    As you can see, the girls are decked out and ready to take on RVA in style. As always! These chicks are fashionable, no matter the day or the event! Even at last week’s NASCAR race! And in case you’re wondering how last week’s NASCAR event turned out, the girls had fun! For a while, that is. The people watching and hanging out with the Bubbas was really entertaining. But once the race started, hated it! Watching a bunch ofunbelievably loud cars go round and round a track wore off fast! They only turn left? One and done! These girls are more in their element being urban chicks!


    Colette feels preppy, yet updated in her green velvet bubble skirt by Chaiken and her pink cashmere twin set from Sara Jane. Check out the cute bow detailing on neckline. I love the color combination.

    Livvy loves wearing this blue dress by Lynn Ritchie. It’s traditional yet professional. She paired this dress with a pashmina scarf to add a pop of color. The perfect accessory to any outfit.

    Katie knows this Karma Living coat is the bomb! Stylish, fun and unique! Always an attention getter. I mean, where do you find a coat like this one?

    So this fall get busy with clothes and accessories from Wear it Well Again! Greatconsignment designer labels and tons more available from my online store. If you live locally, message me and I’ll get it to you free of shipping. If you want to try some things on first before buying, drop me a line and you can stop by my house to try on what you like, or visit my racks at Verve Home Furnishing. All good options!

    You’ll be wearing it well…again!

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