• Meet Romeo

    Romeo, the bronze soldier next to Colette, spent some time trying to snuggle up to the girls. He had a lot of qualities the ladies really like: tall, handsome, tanned, well-built, but the girls found him a little too stiff for their tastes. Plus, they were already busy snuggling up in their beautiful furs from Wear It Well, Again. And they had Christmas shopping to do! They decided to start their shopping at Verve Home Furnishings. No malls for these ladies! They like unique and eclectic and Verve most definitely fits the bill.

    Colette of course stood out wearing this vintage double-breasted white faux fur coat from Globe in Petersburg, Virginia!

    Katie wouldn’t be caught dead sporting real fur so she opted to wear this faux fur suede jacket from Platinum! Nobody will suspect it’s a fake, but she will prevail (conscious wise, anyway).

    Livvy knew it wasn’t a “tragedy” wearing this vintage mink jacket from Montaldo’s! The real McCoy! Can’t you see skinny jeans with this coat!

    Please check out other great apparel at my online store wearitwellagain,com or the boutique at Verve. New arrivals daily! Also…Stayed tuned for beautiful holiday attire in next week’s blog.

    And just in case you want a refresher about our Romeo, here’s a good quote!

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