• Fifty Shades of Grey

    Now that Valentine's Day is over, get together with your closest girlfriends and go see the hottest show in town - Fifty Shades of Grey! Dress up for the occasion wearing your own shade of grey! Any one these outfits will "aim to please!"

    Livvy feels confident in her black flowy skirt, chiffon top and pleather cropped jacket.
    For Katie, less is more. A simple grey dress says it all. Classic and pulled together.
    Colette likes to layer texture. A grey silk dress topped off with a beautiful chunky sweater is easy to wear.

    Throw on a pair of black tights and your favorite boots - you are styling and ready to go!

    Visit my website Wear it Well Again or visit the boutique at Verve to find these outfits and shoes. And of course, it's all still 25%off.



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